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Thread: trasnsferring index to new tablesapce

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    trasnsferring index to new tablesapce


    I was transfereing indexes from Tablespace(one) to tablespace(two).WHen the indexes was transfered
    first time,because of the wrong tablespace parameter settings(max extents and min were give very large value).Only 50% of the indexes was transfered,but the tablespace(two) was filled up.

    so what i did is ,i changed the indexes parameter (max and min extents to a small value) and rebuild the indexes in tablespace(two) to reduce the size.But after rebuilding with the new values,still tablespace(two) is full.Any explantion.


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    Firstly, set minextent=1, and maxextents=unlimited.

    It could be that your new index structures are taking up more space because the index was created initiallly with pctfree=40, and as time went by the inserts into the table reduced the effective pctfree amount. When you rebuilt the index it took up more room because it startedagain with pctfree=40, hencethe index is less compact. Just a theory.
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