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    Propagation of Procedures with Dependent Objects

    I need to propagate around 100 Procedures with all their dependent Objects from a source database to the destination database.
    Dependency levels may be recursive in nature also. I would also want dependent tables data to get propagated.
    Export Import may not be feasible since I do not want unwanted objects from the source database . Also, the source database is around 150GB in size. Can anyone suggest some solution/tool which may help.

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    use DBLINK (simplest)



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    you've got to do this in several exports and imports, I just did this a couple of weeks ago moving a production database to integration, you first need to find out what data in what tables you need and you must work out that dependency

    export full=y rows=n

    export tables=a,b,c,d,e etc

    imp full=y rows=n constraint=n index=n

    imp fromuser=xxx touser=yyyy tables=a,b,c,d,e constraints=y

    it's tedious but it can be done with export import

    you can also try

    imp full=yes show=y log=imp.log

    then get the packages procedures in the log file

    or you can try create the users in the new database and use TOAD to compare Schemas it will generate a sql tetx file to syncronize the database
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