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Thread: pro*c segmentation fault!!!!!!

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    pro*c segmentation fault!!!!!!

    I am using a make file to compile a pro*C program.I am able to compile and generate the executable.However while I am executing the program I am encountering a segmentation fault.It gives this falut on encountering a EXEC SQL statement.The following is a part of the code that is giving this fault.

    memset((char*)username.arr, 0x00, 20);
    strcpy((char*)username.arr, "user/pwd");
    username.len = strlen((char*)username.arr);

    fprintf(stdout, "DEBUG=Connect to database\n");

    EXEC SQL CONNECT :username;
    if (sqlca.sqlcode != OK) {
    fprintf(stderr, "\nUnable to connect - sqlca.sqlcode[%d]\n\n", s

    Can anyone please help me with this?

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