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    Question Connecting to oracle 9iR2 running behind Airport router

    Hi all.
    I have setup my imac & pc to connect to internet via airport router, which gets an ip address from internet provider, and assigns different ip addresses to imac and pc ( and
    Now, I installed oracle 9iR2 on my PC, and listener is running on port 1521 (default port for oracle). I have setup Airport to do Port Forwarding to this ip/port ( with a public port 1000.
    So I'm trying to connect to the db externally using Oracle Client using the Airport router ip address and port 1000, but I can't do it. I successfully manage to to tnsping and setup a service name, but can't connect using sqlplus or login to db.
    Problem is solved if I connect pc directly to the internet without Airport.

    Anybody had similar problems or any ideas?
    Much Appreciated.

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    This question is a bit out of place, but anyway ... have you considered placing your PC in the DMZ? I'm sure your router would have an option for that, and it's the simplest thing to do.
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    Although the connection hand-shake starts on port 1521, other ports are dynamically assigned unless specifically inhibited (redirection).

    Suggest you search Metalink for "firewall"
    (e.g. Doc ID: Note:125021.1 Subject: Oracle Connections and Firewalls).

    USE_SHARED_SOCKET=TRUE in the Windows environment worked OK for me . . . .

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