I'm experiencing many wait events on "SQL*Net message to client" (26720802) and "SQL*Net message from client" (26720868).

The db is a Oracle
The db is used by a forms application that runs on a different node (IAS).

I read in the manual that this could be resolved by tuning the TDU- and SDU-parameters in the TNSNAMENS.ORA and LISTENER.ORA.

I know how to do this, but because this is a production db, I want some reassurance (if possible).

My questions:

1. Does anyone have any experience using these parameters? Are there any pitfalls?
2. Does it really make a huge difference?
3. Is there a way to test if the parameters are actually working? (The number of wait events will decrease maybe, but I want to check and double-check the alteration.)

Thanks in advance and excuses for any typos