hi freinds,

I am working with 8.1.5 on win2k adv server.

My v$option contains

Partitioning FALSE
Objects TRUE
Parallel Server FALSE
Advanced replication FALSE
Bit-mapped indexes FALSE
Connection multiplexing TRUE
Connection pooling TRUE
Database queuing FALSE
Incremental backup and recovery FALSE
Instead-of triggers FALSE
Parallel backup and recovery FALSE
Parallel execution FALSE
Parallel load TRUE
Point-in-time tablespace recovery FALSE
Fine-grained access control FALSE
N-Tier authentication/authorization FALSE
Function-based indexes FALSE
Plan Stability FALSE
Online Index Build FALSE
Coalesce Index FALSE
Managed Standby FALSE
Materialized view rewrite FALSE
Materialized view warehouse refresh FALSE
Database resource manager FALSE
Spatial FALSE
Visual Information Retrieval FALSE
Export transportable tablespaces FALSE
Transparent Application Failover FALSE
Fast-Start Fault Recovery FALSE
Sample Scan FALSE
Duplexed backups FALSE

How to enable options those are FALSE.

P.S : I need INSTED-OF triggers enabling immediately

Thanks in adv