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    Usage of XID fields in v$locked_object

    I would like to know,

    1. The actual usage of XIDUSN, XIDSLOT, XIDSQN fields in v$locked_object ?

    2. When these values gets modified ?

    3. Assume a situation where i have 2 tables(table1 and table2) locked in session 1. If i try to insert a row for table1, all the XID details in session 1 gets modified to the same value.

    after locking table1 and table2,
    XIDUSN = XIDSLOT = XIDSQN = 0 for both the tables.

    after insertion of row to table1,
    XIDUSN = 10, XIDSLOT = 28, XIDSQN = 659 for both the tables. (same XID for table1 and table2)

    a) Why is that both tables XID in the same session gets modified ?

    b) IS there chances to get different XID in the same session??

    c) Is it possible to have more than one row (from v$locked Object) of same session id and Object_id (field that shows the locked object uniquely) ??

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    NOt sure whether you posted it on Metalink too but it seems identical to me

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