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Thread: how to bring Oracle back after OS reinstall?

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    Angry how to bring Oracle back after OS reinstall?

    Our company was hit by various virus lately, and my test oracle server was infected as well. After finding out one of the OS kernal files was infected, they decided to reinstall OS (win2K server) on that box to bring it back.

    Now the OS has been reinstalled, so does the anti-virus software, but obviously, I can't find Oracle on the program list anymore. However, all data files, redo log files and control files etc are all there, so does the Oracle files. So how do I bring my Oracle back? Our IT guy suggested me to reinstall Oracle, but I am not sure.

    Your help is greatly appreciated!


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    obviously your datafiles, redo files, control files must be there coz they might have been restored back to file system. Neither these datafiles are part of your OS install . Ask your dba to reinstall oracle and and recover(maybe if the datafiles are still valid).
    -- Dilip

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    The OS has been reinstall
    You need to reinstall Oracle Server.
    Then, assuming that your datafiles, redo, control file, init file are OK, do the following.
    1/ Delete old password files PWD%SID% in %oracle_home%ora81/database (this is not mandatory but I don't know how to create a service using existing password file)
    2/ Recreate your services with ORADIM (ORADIM /? for basic help)
    3/ Start the service
    4/ Start the DB

    Hope this helps


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    Oracle still not shown in Program after reinstall

    Thanks both for your help...

    I reinstalled Oracle on that server to the same oracle home. It went really fast and didn't even ask me for the 2nd and 3rd CD (there are 3 CDs for Oracle 9i server install on Win2K). However, after the install, I still can't see Oracle from program file. I can see all the installed components from oracle installer though. And oracle is on my environment path.

    So how can I add it to the programs? FYI - oracle is 9.2.0 and OS is win2K. Thanks again...

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    1. Check if your oracle service is running from task manager.
    2. Explore your Oracle_home/bin directory for sqlplus and create a shortcut to desktop.
    3. start u'r db (if not started) using sqlplus.


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