I have Oracle and running windows 2000. The primary Home was default to I have about 5 instances running on and there is no instances on 9i yet. Any way, Everything work fine till I reboot the server, the client can't connect and got error ORA-12505. I read in metalink about this error and basically it said "The instance you are trying to connect to is not listed in the sid list of the listener" I have added all of the SERVICE_NAME into the listener.ora on .

on LSNRCTL, type 'STAT' and all of the SID are there, but it still not working until I restart the tnslistener services and it works. Any way, what I did was copy the listener.ora on 8.1.7 to and that fixed the problem.

Even the problem is fixed, but the question here is that I thought it had the seperate home and primary home is 8.1.7 so I thought Oracle will default the listener to 8.1.7. In this case, I guess not and it listen to the 9i.

anyone has any explainations for me ????