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    Question PL/SQL Tables and Blobs

    Hello Techies,

    I have a PL/SQL table (LineItemsTable) which is a table of LineItemRecords. The table and record are part of a package spec declaration. The table is already filled with data at some point in a function. I want to save the PL/SQL table in an Oracle table so that I can retrieve the data at a later point.

    I cannot create a table with the LineITemsTable column type because it generates an "Invalid Data Type " error. I was thinking about converting the PL/SQl table into a BLOB, but I never did that before.

    Any thoughts/suggestions to this problem..??

    Thanks in advance..

    - RK
    - Kolagani

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    Try creating an oracle table with the same definition as the LineItemRecords record type. You can then insert each record from the PL/SQL table (LineItemsTable) as a new record in the oracle table.

    You can then retrieve the records from this oracle table at a later date to re-create the LineItemsTable PL/SQL table.

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