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    insert korean character in utf8 database


    Can anyone help me with the following problem:

    I have a Oracle 8.1.7 database with UTF8 characterset. I want to insert a korean character in the database from my PC which has nls_lang set to UTF8. Sometimes (mostly) it works well but in certain cases it failes because the character is a composition of several other characters. In this case the '-character causes the problems.
    In the insert-query the korean character is placed between singe-quotes and I think that because the korean character has also a single-quote in it oracle can't insert it because "the string is not properly ended". The numeric value of the problem-character seems to be 180. Does anyone know how I can work around this? btw. it is no problem wth the chinese or japanese language.

    Thanks in advance,


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    I guess ASCII_EQUIVALENT for is 201

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    unfortunatly, does not work....

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