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Thread: dumpfile?

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    I am working on a data base and the users would like to use it to mailmerge with a word document.

    They are accessing the database from the web.

    There is an option in oracle reports to do a form letter but it seems that you wouldn't have the flexiblity they would need. (from the limited books I have [well old books], it doesn't seem there is very much flexibility with oracle reports form letter) They would like to be able to choose the fields and choose the people to go into the merge.

    The fields are not the issue but what would be a good way to let them choose the people (records) that would go into the merge?

    I was thinking of just making a dump file of all the records and field and they could go in an delete the records they didn't want from there. (make a dump file script in sql where it would delimit it by cammas) Then they can just use word to mail merge. But this is very ugly for the user. Even if I can manage to make an aplication that would make that process look better (for deleting the records that they didn't want).

    Anyways, I guess I rambled a bit, but I think someone that knows about oracle would be able to dypher it. I just want some advice in where to go with it. I know oracle form and reports. (I know forms well and reports I'm just starting to get into)

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    Quite a nice way is to have a SEARCH_RESULTS table, so you might do a search for people in New York, Smith, it would populate the search results table with a unique search id and all the primary keys. Then display the list and allow the user to pick the people it wants to print or print All for example, then pass the search_id and the type (IE All) and then include the search results table in your select statment(s).

    Hope this has given you some ideas.

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