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    unable to create Repositary in Designer 9i

    hello all

    i downloaded Oracle 9i DEveloper Suite, and installed it. When i try to open Designer, it asks to enter a userid , pwd, and conect string.

    i did create one user 'rbc' on DB 'heat'. so when i enter the stuff, it says, " This user doesnot have an installed repositary. invoke the repositary administrator utility".

    I then, opened the REpositary Administrator utility, and key in the same info like userid ..etc, it gets in.
    Then i click on Install in Install/upgrade/migrate section, it asks me to select Repositary installation options, where only one option is highlighted which is " support for Oracle designer objects". when i select that, and go to next screen, it asks if u want to create any public synonyms, and i said yes, it next gives me a screen to pick the table space.

    here it blows up !!!. it says "ERROR you donot have select privileges on v_$parameter View. This process cannot proceed "

    Can anyone help in creating a repositary for Designer !!!


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    Log on in the database where the ropository will be as SYS. Then
    after that the repository manager will want a select privilege on another view(cant remember its name now), and after you grant select on it too, you will not have problem instaling the repository

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