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Thread: To design the main structure of database

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    To design the main structure of database

    Hi ...
    PLS. I need some Information about planning the basic structure of a new database and the main dependencies (size of expected data ,expected entries etc...), I've already designed the tables , the views , the most of indexes and relationships , but I need to find the best structure for the tablespaces and redo log files, ctrl,and data files ..

    I think it's easy to say how many tables and indexes we need , but the difficulty is to plan where to store them and how , and to predict the current size , and the future growth ...

    I know it's a big issue to tell how , but may it will be easier to tell where ( any public web links will be gr8 )...

    Thanks for help ..

    Tarek Al'Kaddoumi ...

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    Sure! This has already been answered. Here it is:
    Oracle 9i Docs

    Make sure to take a look for "Oracle Flexible Architecture" or "OFA".
    Tom Best

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