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    sap archive full, move files, but problem

    this question is related to sap

    when facing archival stuck, i thought of a few issues.when it is stuck, we need to move the files in saparch to other places since removing them is a disastrous task.so now, the few questions are

    1) brarchives will not archived all the offline log files since there will be new online redo log files being generated which will translate into new offline log files after the brachive command is issued. example, if brarchive was run at 1pm, then there could be new online and offline redo log files being written after 1pm and what brarchive will do is to archive those offline redo log files before 1pm, am i right?

    2) so in the event that if we moved the offline log files out of saparch to other places, and when the arch status is healthy and we moved back, then brarchive will have problems archiving the "moved back" offline log files since the log number of the "moved back" offline log files is lower than the current one. i identify this in note 490976. and the solution is to rename the archSID.log so that brarchive can do its work on the "moved back" offline log files.

    2.1) NOW if all the above is true, do we need both the archSID.log of just the new archSID.log.

    thanks for clarifying

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    when arch is full, and we moved some files out of arch.. and then back to arch again. the moved files to arch will not be archievd this time since their log sequence number is lower than the archSID.log?

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