Friends, Im a DBA and (like many many others) was dealt with apps developed using Forms, and always admired what the built-in wizards (and the Forms architecture in general) do for performance in C/S. But nowadays the web has gained momentum, and preparing myself to it I was reading the available papers (& old messages in the Forum, too) about this topic , and some issues arise - IF any DBAs currently involved with apps developed with these two things add any comments, I will be grateful :

Jdeveloper : the strong point in Forms always has been the RAD approach: without any PL/SQL or SQL knowledge, one person can build in minutes a real-working program capable of Insert, Update & Delete information in a database table. And the best (for me, DBA), automagically this generated program WILL use the best options for performance, like ARRAY PROCESSING , BINDING vars, (in multiline blocks), no REPARSE - the last two are FREE with PL/SQL.
So, I want to know :the wizard to generate a program IS comparable in the current version of Jdev with the Forms one ? The generated program IS totally ready to use, or no ?
And about the performance of the generated program, how "smart" is the wizard ? The main point here is , Java is a generic (non Oracle-centric) language, SO to receive the same beneficts above cited (array proc, binds, fewer parses) the program MUST be coded according some rules (only prepared statements, no missing open/close, no uppercase/lowercase diffs in SQLs, etc, etc), OR - better option - the Java program must call PL/SQLs packages. Are current JDev doing it ? And about the future, are Jdev people inside Oracle thinking about this practical issues ??

Forms 9: the main question in my haed about it comes from the Forms migration paper, it says :

"No business logic is executed on the client; it is responsible for
rendering the screen. All logic is processed on the application tier."

See, commonly "application tier" intends "another machine", so the
network traffic between machines MUST increase by a large factor, IMO : in special I think about whn-validate-xx triggers - in C/S apps MANY user-enterable fields responds to/critiques user actions IMMEDIATLY after the user attempts to exit from the field, this behavior is normally DEMANDED by users, in my experience. In this situations, HOW Forms 9 will respond to it ? Forms have ANY kind of optimization to this kind of traffic ?
And to current Forms 9 users : in the common-garden Ethernet-100 (no
Gigabit) local network, HOW has been the experience ? Too much net perf problems ?