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Thread: export tablespace error on win2k/oracle 8.1.7

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    If you just need to recover the user, from the FULL/User level export, then yes, you would have to create the user first and then import using the full database dmp file with the option "FROMUSER=... TOUSER=..." This will import the user. IF there is any change on the tablespace name, then the import will fail. IF you have done a full database export then you would be able to see the schema DLL using the show=Y turned on in the import

    Hope this would help you.


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    Originally posted by daljitsb

    Ok, then how do we make sure that the user being re-created uses the same tablespace what it used for all its objects before I removed it.
    Do I need to run the create user (saved earlier with default tablespace clause) before I run the import user script.

    The question is: Do I need to have the user exist before import or the user will be created automatically with the import user script and objects will be written to which tablespace. I want it to use recreated tablespace.

    Also do you suggest using ignore=y
    and can we do this saving user objects at exp/imp tablespace level.

    That is why you backed up the tablepsace DDL. If you save that you will be able to re-create those tablespaces prior to re-importing that user.

    Another option is to create the user and assign different tablespaces and then run the import. I would use the dropped tablespaces if you plan on creating and dropping this user on a regular basis. This way you can easily drop the tablespaces after dropping the user. You will not be ble to do that if you create the user and import his objects into a used tablespace.

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