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    Question How to create this standby database configuration,


    I`m having problem with understanding of this concept:

    I want to move archived logs automatically to standby database using 'SERVICE' entry for log_archive_dest parameter.
    So, I will have something like this on the primary database side:

    log_archive_dest_1='LOCATION=/archive_logs/oradata/PRIME MANDATORY'
    LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_2='SERVICE=stby1 optional'

    What exactly should be specified on the standby database side to make it work? Where do I need to specify FAL_CLIENT and FAL_SERVER parameters?
    Do I have to define stby1 net8 name on both primary ad standby systems? What should be used for log_archive_dest_1 parameter on standby side?

    I`m reading Oracle Data Guard Concepts and Administration docs right now but it has no clear example of such configuration, unfortunately, and I want to clear it out for me.

    Can anybody post here an example of both primary and standby side parameter files for such configuration to show all this at once?

    The second question that I have is: we have a bunch of iplanet applications that use JDBC driver to access oracle.
    Is it posible to do something on server side that will automatically transfer connection to new primary database after failover? Right now we have to change an IP address of host used in JDBC connection string to make it happen.


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    And one more question -

    how exactly FAL_SERVER and FAL_CLIENT work? Wil

    Do I understand it correctly that if I specified


    and network went down and standby didn`t get some logs then FAL system would be able resolve the gap after the moment when network problem has been fixed?

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    So what? No answers whatsoever?

    My goodness... :(

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    For stand by database You can go thru documentation in
    Data Guard Concepts and Administration.

    have a nice time.
    Dilip Patel
    OCP 8i

    Catch me online at Yahoo: ddpatel256

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