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Thread: connect to db with out listener? possible??

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    Originally posted by DcsoBob
    You also have to have tnsnames entry setup to do the BEQUEATH connection. this bypases the network and drops straight into the database. You have to be on the server where the instance is.
    You don't need that either. In fact, you don't need any Oracle Net configuration files at all. You can delete your tnsnames.ora, listener.ora. sqlnet.ora and simmilar TNS stuff and you'll still have no problem connecting to your database. Simply set your ORACLE_SID and then run your application without specifying TNS service name. So for example instead of using



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    Originally posted by DcsoBob
    You also have to have tnsnames entry setup to do the BEQUEATH connection.
    Is this still available in 9i? I thought it disappeared in 8.1.5 - replaced by IPC.

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    Well, i just copied in the bequeath phrasing from my old 7.3 file and it worked just fine.

    I need to try Jmodic's suggestion thought. I always thought that setting the oracle_sid merely identified the default instance in a connect statement, not the manner of connect. I had thought I had tested this awhile back. I disconnected my box from network and turned off the listener. Seem to recall not being able to connect.

    If the sqlplus connect statment does not find a host or tns entry, how does it know what method to use to connect to the default instance?

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    Okay J, I have attempted the process you replied. Simulated by editing my Tnsnames file to remove the reference to my instance.

    I set my oracle_sid to the instance name. I then attempted a sqlplus connection. It hung up. I could never get a connection.

    What should I be looking for here? All of the docs I have read say that a connection string has to exist within the names structure you utilize in order for a connection to occur.

    Thanks!! I really want to understand this as it would help me with a small issue of upgrade.

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