hi all,

i want to know the row size of a given table. i am querying the table called dba_tab_columns and summing up all the data length after grouping by table name. This gives me the total size of the row for that table. The question that i want to ask is is this size the exact row size or does oracle allocate some extra space for each rows? If it does then pls mention how much or what percentage of row size it stores as free space.

The other question i want to ask is how can we calculate the average row size based on the present lot of data for a given table? Its not always that the data for a row would completely fill it up. So a percentage of row space will always be free. If we can calculate the average row space based on the present lot of data then we can be sure that the row size for a table would be say 75% of the total row size and by doing this we can accurately calculate how much the tables will grow in future.

pls give me ur guidance regarding how to do this.


Parijat Paul