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Thread: ANSI SQL in ORacle 8i

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    ANSI SQL in ORacle 8i


    i am using the ANSI SQls in oracle 9i and working fine.
    Now i am using the Oracle 8i Ansi SQl are giving errors.
    Thee is any solution for that workable Ansi sqls in oracle 8i
    eg: ANSI SQL
    SELECT Customers.CustomerId, Company, OrderID
    FROM Customers C LEFT OUTER JOIN Orders O
    ON (C.CustomerID = O.CustomerID)

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    Oracle 9i only support ANSI SQL, not 8i.

    The 2 statements below... 1st is ANSI SQL, 2nd is Oracle 8i. Now, make changes as necessary in your query.

    SELECT e.last_name,d.department_name
    FROM employees e LEFT OUTER JOIN departments d ON (e.department_id = d.department_id);
    SELECT e.last_name,d.department_name
    FROM employees e, departments d
    WHERE e.department_id = d.department_id(+);


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