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Thread: CD vs ILT

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    CD vs ILT

    Does anyone know how good the CD course are as opposed to the ILT course.

    Are the CD courses worthwhile since you dont have the interaction with an instructor or other students.

    Would anyone recommend them or completely rubbish them?


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    CD's and CBT's always put me to sleep. You can't beat a good instructor, for me it is always easier to hear someone explain something rather than read it. The only problem is some teachers are better than others, a good one will teach from real world experience and can really shed a lot of light on the gray areas.

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    I certainly wouldn't count interaction with other students as a benefit of an ILT course. Chances are, they're just as lost as you are, or, if you already know the material, you'll be bored while the instructor spends time trying to explain what SQL*Plus means to someone who is in a DBA course, or irritated with the know-it-all who wants to challenge the instructor on the finer points of whatever.

    However, the upside of ILT is that Oracle University campuses usually have free drinks during the day, and freshly baked cookies (in the afternoon) that are to die for. And, you get those stylish cardboard boxes/"book bags." And a nifty pen/highlighter. And, the important thing, you get the ILT material, which is where the test questions come from. But, if money is a problem, you can almost always get the ILT stuff somewhere on the web, and you can chow down on Chips Ahoy all day long at home.

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    CBT is boring. I used it for 7.3. the skillbuilder(or what ever it's called) stuff. ILT is better.
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