I have 2 databases running Oracle 8.1.5. This is on Solaris 8. Both have been set up to use the UTF 8 character set. Basically, we have a production machine A that exports to machine B. We have tables in both db that contain Spanish characters.
The problem. When we look at the tables on Machine A, we can see the special characters in the tables, such as accents at the like. When we look at the tables on Machine B, they are not there. Looking at the export log, I see this message:
import done in US7ASCII character set and UTF8 NCHAR character set
import server uses UTF8 character set (possible charset conversion)
When searching this site, I see references to change the NLS Charactor set to UTF8 when doing the import and export. Since the imp and exp commands are command line diven, how would I do it?