Unable to initiallize ORACLE
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Thread: Unable to initiallize ORACLE

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    Unable to initiallize ORACLE

    I have deleted a Datafile physically.
    Now I am unable to initiate the Database.
    My Oracle version is 8.1.7.
    I have tried the following.

    1. Connected to server manager and startup and used
    alter database open.

    It is giving and error could not open the database and
    showing the path of the datafile which I have deleted.

    2. I have created the datafile which i have created. But still
    it is giving the same error

    Please give me steps to initiate

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    1. Restore datafile from backup, apply archived redolog if in archive log mode.
    2. If not in archive log mode, restore whole database from cold backup.
    3. If cold backup not present, then drop the datafile (as suggested above) or tablespace.
    4. After opening take a backup.
    5. Read the following

    Oracle9i Database Concepts

    Oracle9i Backup and Recovery Concepts
    "There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path."

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    1. Which is the datafile ? whether it is index data file or temporary datafile.
    2. If it is any of the above datafiles dont worry the database can be opened.
    3.Login in as internal
    svrmgr> startup mount
    svrmgr> alter database datafile 'path of file' offline drop;
    svrmgr> alter database open.
    Then recreate the datafile of the tablespace and rebuild the index or recreate the temporary tablespace.

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