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Thread: two pmon running for same db(No parallel)

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    two pmon running for same db(No parallel)

    In one Production Box many(7) Databases running....and when I run ps -ef|grep pmon, 2 pmon entries found for the same database.....

    oracle 12656 1 0 May 25 ? 12:26 ora_pmon_usarpt
    oracle 8481 1 0 Jul 2 ? 0:30 ora_pmon_usarpt

    checked alert log and found someone(I am new to this envirnment) tried to open already running database by mentioning different pfile I guess 2nd instance is running too.....

    Can anyone tell me what is the best/safest method to shut down the second instance without affecting the production fear is I should not shut down the production thing....

    Not much found in metalink/google etc on this.....

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    Surprised......I have seen in this forum so many difficult questions were answered by big guns easily.....why not for this one?

    Common friends!(adewri, jovery, marist89, padmam, pando, sambavan, SANJAY_G,slimdave, DaPi,Abhaysk ...sorry if I missed out any senior guys here!) help me out this newbie.....

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    How about shutdown immediate? Shutdown the database that's supposed to be down and then kill -9 the rest. You waited 8 days for that?
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    First make sure you that your assumptions are correct.

    Look at the job started time. For an instance the time stamp will be same for all the background processes.


    ps -ef |grep TEST

    oracle 25978 1 0 05:29:45 - 0:00 ora_pmon_TEST
    oracle 47028 1 0 05:29:45 - 0:00 ora_ckpt_TEST
    oracle 54108 1 0 05:29:45 - 0:00 ora_arc0_TEST
    oracle 56868 1 0 05:29:45 - 0:00 ora_dbw0_TEST
    oracle 66650 1 0 05:29:45 - 0:00 ora_lgwr_TEST
    oracle 67222 1 0 05:29:45 - 0:00 ora_reco_TEST
    oracle 72320 1 0 05:29:45 - 0:00 ora_smon_TEST

    So check the PMON background process (take care of the server process ) and kill it which is having a different time stamp. And use ipcs command to release the semaphores and memory if allocated.

    Note: I never encountered this problem... So never tested....

    Best of luck!

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    Dear Ramg

    Strange situation !!!!

    pl let me know the result after you shutdown immediate

    $ ps -ef | grep pmon

    I want to know your result eagerly.

    Dilip Patel
    OCP 8i

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