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Thread: no 9i listener after upgrade

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    no 9i listener after upgrade

    I just upgraded from to but notice there is no 9i listener in Windows' services window. Here is what I did:

    1. Install Oracle on the system where 8i DBs and 8i listener are running. When I installed it, I chose "Software Only" option because I don't need a new DB. After this is done, it did not create a new 9i Listener.
    2. I applied Patch to the install
    3. I ran Database Upgrade Assistant to upgrade my databases from 8i to 9i. Upgrades were successful. Still no 9i Listener created.

    How do I create a 9i Listener on this Windows 2000 system so it will start automatically just like the 8i Listener?

    I could go into registry to create an entry similar to the 8i listener but there is a key under the listener service labelled "security" with some random long string. I figure there must be an "official" way to create a 9i listener service.


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    Use Net Config Assitant

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