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thanks first of all for your earlier suggestions.

I am facing problems regarding the speed of inserts into my oracle 9i database. The oracle software & the WIN-2000 server software are on a separate physical disk(C Drive). Rest of the files viz: the redo logs,controll files , user tablespace data files, index tablespace files , system tablespace data files, undofiles are all present on another physical hard disk(D Drive). I am doubting some kind of contention issues because of all these files present in one disk(D Drive). Plz tell me about which of these files should be separated and should not be kept together on the same disk.

should the redo log files be moved to the C Drive which presently has only the oracle software and windows running in it?

I am providing 3 queries which shows that there is a wait for free log buffers and this could be the actual cause of poor inserts. The log buffer size is 10MB and there are 4 online redo log files of 100MB each. The RAM size is 1GB and sga_max_size is 750MB.

1) select name,value from v$sysstat where name = 'redo buffer allocation retries';
Result:- redo buffer allocation retries -> 107

2) select name,value from v$sysstat where name = 'redo log space requests';
Result:- redo log space requests -> 133

3) select r.value "Retries", e.value "Entries" , r.value/e.value*100 "Percentage" from v$sysstat r, v$sysstat e
where r.name = 'redo buffer allocation retries' and e.name = 'redo entries';
Result:- Retries = 107, Entries = 16249464 , percentage = 0.00065848325827855 ;


pls give your suggestions on proper grouping of oracle data files and there placement on a disk and how to decrease the "redo buffer allocation retries" problem...

thanking all of you

Parijat Paul

redo buffer allocation retries