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    Question Adding users to oracle 9i

    Dear all,
    I have installed oracle 9i on my computer whose name is SENEGALENSIS. I wish to add users to the oracle database so that they can be able to log into the database whose SID name is MWANGI.
    I have tried oracle administration for windows NT but can't get round it.
    Any help will be highly appreciated.


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    Connect to the database via SQL*Plus from command line as the SYS user. On Unix you do this with

    sqlplus " / AS SYSDBA"

    I assume this works on NT too.


    SQL> create user username identified by password
    default tablespace users
    temporary tablespace temp;

    SQL> grant create session to username;

    Where username and password are the username and password of your choice. This assumes your temporary tablespace is called temp and you have a users tablespace.

    From here you can grant additional privileges and roles as appropriate. Rember that after you've granted create table to a user you must also (again as SYS)

    SQL> alter user username quota unlimited on tablespace;

    Where tablespace is the tablespace you want the user to be able to create tables and indexes in.
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    and the documentation IS so very very clear on this

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