Understanding the V$LibraryCache
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Thread: Understanding the V$LibraryCache

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    Understanding the V$LibraryCache


    Can somebody help me to check if I'm understanding the V$LibraryCache Correctly or not.

    Parse Phase
    Gets      No of time any Object was requested
    GetHits   No. of time the parsed information    
              of the requested Object was found
              cached in Library                 

    Execution Phase
    Pins   No. of times the requested Object    
              was Executed successfully
    PinHits   No. of times the requested Object    
              which was found parsed in Library
              was Executed

    Order of the above columns w.r.t Value will be:
    Maximum in Gets
    Then in Pins
    Then in GetHits
    Then in PinHits

    GetHitRatio = GetHits/Gets
            Should be near to 1 so that for a
                                       Object Request most of the time
                                       Parsed Information of the Object
                                       is found in Library
    PinHitRatio = GetHits/Pins
            Should be Near to 1 so that Object
                                       Excutions are mostly done using
                                       the Parsed information in Library

    GetHitRatio will always be greater than PinHitRatio

    SK Mittal
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    Any takers for this query Please.

    S K Mittal

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