I am trying to load a table with a date field. But the date field contains a timestamp as well. Des any on know how it can be done. The data looks like the following:

2000/10/2306.58.39 006927279736
2000/10/2306.58.41 002947001037
2000/10/2306.59.01 004857213433
2000/10/2306.59.16 002940435236
2000/10/2306.59.22 008630556335

Position (1:10) CALL_DATE
Position (11:18) CALL TIME
Position (19:41) ACCOUNT_ID

I need to load the date & time because calculation need to be done between times (i.e. calculated duration between calls, etc).
How would I create the Table schema. Would the Date be combine with Call Date & Time???

Can anyone help!!!!