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Thread: Slow process while working thru DBLink

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    Slow process while working thru DBLink

    Hi guys,

    I am trying to transfer(insert) 5000 rows from one database to another and it is taking too much time thru application.

    While the same process is taking 17 mnts in local database.

    I shall appreciate your suggestions.


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    Are the platforms/setup the same on both databases, would performing the same insert locally on the destination take the same time as the primary?

    Have you looked at network bottlenecks?
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    17 minutes to insert 5000 rows? What you running it on, a Palm Pilot?
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    The SQL and the plan are the important pieces of information here. Over-generalized questions generally elicit overly-general responses.

    The problem is most likely in the SELECT, and not the INSERT. When working across links, it is extremely important to control where the resulset is generated and restricted. Without the statement or plan, all I can tell you is to look into the DRIVING_SITE hint, and good luck.

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    In addition, operations over a dblink are inherently slower than local operations because the network is typically the bottleneck. There are also issues with two-phase commit that could potentially slow your application down.
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