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Thread: SQL doing here

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    SQL doing here

    period_open_flag := int_utility_pkg.get_period(period_end_date, date_stamp, fiscal_month, fiscal_year);

    Can i just ask someone to tell me exactly what is happening above?

    W/o having to look at the int_utility_pkg, do u think this looks correct?

    the period _open_flag is getting the values of the period_end_date,date_stamp,fiscal_month, fiscal_year asssigned to it via the int_utility_pkg??

    Many Thanks
    Carpe Diem

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    My guess:

    "int_utility_pkg" - is a package

    "get_period" - is a function within the above package that takes the
    parameters period_end_date, date_stamp, fiscal_month, fiscal_year
    and outputs a VALUE (possible an accounting period).

    This single value is being assigned to the variable "period_open_flag"


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