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Thread: Replication fast refresh doesn't work on db link?

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    Replication fast refresh doesn't work on db link?


    I have a test-setup for replication : two db's : one production-db and one replication db. Both db's are on the same node, the final setup will be on two nodes. Oracle version:

    I created a snapshot-site and a master site. They are connected via a db-link. I use simple select-statements in the snapshots to read the data:
    SELECT * FROM [schema].[tablename]@[];
    So there are no joins or functions in there.

    After creating snapshots and snapshot logs, I refreshed them with the complete-clause. It works. But the amount of data I have to replicate orders me to refresh with the fast-clause, but this doesn't work.

    I don't receive any ORA's when I run
    - EXECUTE DBMS_MVIEW.REFRESH('[table]','C'); # complete refresh
    - EXECUTE DBMS_MVIEW.REFRESH('[table]','F'); # fast refresh

    A "SELECT MVIEW_NAME,LAST_REFRESH_TYPE,LAST_REFRESH_DATE FROM DBA_MVIEWS" returns "COMPLETE" as refresh type. Even if I refresh fast! Also the date remains the date of yesterday.

    Then: I created a master table, snapshot & snapshot log in one and the same db. And the fast refresh works great!!

    So: the problem lies in the fact that the master table is in a different db? Or because I'm using a db-link?

    I visited Metalink, but there was no sollution. The manual states there are many rules that make the fast refresh impossible, but I don't know what I'm doing wrong here...

    Help would be very appreciated.

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