Hi friends,

I keep getting a TNS packet writer failure error when trying to connect to the database with any Forms apps.

I followed the supplied installation instructions exactly but cannot resolve this problem. Oracle 8.1.7 is the database used and it resides on another machine in the network. I created an entry in TNSNAMES.ORA with easy config. But I cannot get any of the builders, nor the SQL*Plus that came with the package, to connect to my database. I have no problem starting the SQL*Plus that was included in the 8.1.7 package, however.

I read a few possible solutions on the newsgroups, and on here. Such as copying the TNSNAMES.ORA into both oracle home admin directories, renaming sqlnet.ora to .old. All with reboot, of course. Nothing is working. Listener is started, as well as other required services.

I am running Windows 2000. All 8i components are v 8.1.7.

Someone please help! Why do I keep getting this error?