We have a job scheduled to shutdown database and take the cold backup of our database every sunday. Yesterday due to some reason, the backup kicked off every hour.(Database is in NOARCHIVE LOG MODE)

At 8pm the backup completed and I started the database, and then restarted the windows box.

After the restart, the database did not come up and when I tried to start the db, I got the following error message:

ORA-01113: file 13 needs media recovery
ORA-01110: data file 13: 'F:\dbfiles3\prod61\scpodata3.dbf'

As taking the backup again and trying to issue a recover database would take more time (was pressed for time), I just restored from my earlier cold back and brought back the db up.

Now- Theoritically what went wrong:
1) Why did I start getting Ora-01113/01110
2) Given that I am on Noarchivelog mode, could I have just issued 'recover database' to recover from this error.

Please advise;