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    Replication of different databases to one master database

    We need a solution to the following scenario:

    We have 15 different sites all running their Oracle databases.

    Each database is different and specific for each site..

    We need a master database site where all 15 databases data need to be stored in real time.

    Is there a configuration to suit this in Oracle?

    Would it be possible to have only one database at the master site with 15 different users to represent the data for each of the different sites or will we need 15 different databases for each of the sites ?

    Also what happens if the network was to fail between one of the sites and the master database?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Yes it is very much possible.

    You don't need to creat 15 different databases, use Replication. What you can do is create schemas, each one of them representing individual databases and have the database tables in those schemas.

    Say you have databases DB1, DB2, DB3...

    On DB 1 you have schemas named MNTOWNER, FINOWNER, BOKOWNER etc. Then under those schemas you have tables like MNT_COUNTRIES (for MNTOWNER schema), BOK_PORTS (for BOKOWNER schema).

    On the main site you can create a schema named db1owner and have the tables named MNT_COUNTRIES,BOK_PORTS. This way each database tables will be distinguished from each other as they will belong to individual schemas representing those databases. Then you can keep each schema tables in individual replication groups. Say a group named DB1OWNERTABS representing tables from DB1.

    Read the replication manual on how to setup replication and create replication groups.



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