I have one doubt. I have set

Parallel_automatic_tunning = 'TRUE'
Parallel_max_server = 24 ( I have 12 cpus )
Parallel_min_percent = 4
Parallel_adaptive_multi_user =TRUE

As a result, default degree of parallelism is

cpu_count*Parallel_threads_per_cpu*(a reduction factor)

Now I want to use this default degree automatically for all tables. Now my question is : What the value should we provide for parallel cluase of create table statement so that default degree will
be calculated and that degree will be used in the sql where this table will be used ?

As I know If I give just

create table dept (deptno number ) --> it will have value for parallel clause as 1 (default value) as we
can check from dba_tables

What should be the value of parallel clause in this scenario where we want to use default degree which will be decided by oracle dynamically ?