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    default database

    I'm an Oracle newbie. I have used Oracle SQL from client applications, but am now learning how to actually administer Oracle.

    I installed the 9i Enterprise Edition with a default database. I know that there is a lot of example data in there and I don't really want it in there. Can anyone tell me what schema objects, users, etc... are okay to delete from this example database?

    I want to use this database to work off of for learning purposes, but the default install takes up lots of space. I could drop that database, and create another, but I want to use this one in the meantime while I am learning the in/outs of Oracle.

    Thanks in Advance....

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    Read manuals:

    for sample schemas: http://otn.oracle.com/pls/db92/db92....emark=docindex
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    Depends on what parts of the default/seed data you want to play with. You could get by with the scott schema.

    For fun and games, you could use dbca and create another database, sizing it the way you want. When that is finished, you can run a script that creates the scott schema (you'll get sick of select * from emp). Once that is done, you can delete the seed database to recover the disk space.

    Windows or UNIX?

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    This is a good starting point. I will look through the documentation link. Thanks for the tip on using dbca.

    I am running Oracle 9i EE on Redhat Linux 9. Tricky to install, but finally got it down. Runs good so far...

    Thanks Again!

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