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    Originally posted by jovery

    Why exactly do you want to see slimdave naked?
    I remember when this place was cool.

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    Originally posted by jovery

    Why exactly do you want to see slimdave naked?
    Oh was wondering if we could use him to advertise DBASupport.com to attract more visitors on the site

    May be we could arrange a Streaptease By Slimdave exclusively on DBASupport.com and Exclusively for Members, Join NOW

    Or may be we could scare away developers by saying that if they misbehave they will have to watch Slimdave Stripping Video VI and show Slimdave's video , this would be the best way Hanky can torture his Developers.
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    So Slimdave, are you up for a bit of Amar's promotional work?

    Do you think you've got what it takes to be the "face" of dbasupport.com
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    Well, it's suprising how an innocent comment about workplace-disrobing can get blown out of all proportion.

    Now that's only twice this subject has been mentioned, and in both instances the removal of underwear was never an option!

    Moving on ...

    Actually I do have a webcam, but it's usually pointing at my fishtank so i don't have to turn my head to look at it. Much more soothing and viewable than the alternatives suggested. Less of freak show, anyway. Maybe I'll make an avatar of myself. That should be bad enough.

    The key consideration of course is whether being the "face" of dbasupport would help me get a new contract -- preferably one that doesn't require that i fly to Ohio next week.
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    Originally posted by jovery

    Why exactly do you want to see slimdave naked?
    Jovery :

    What did u geuess that Amar was upto from this first post...

    suspect H***??

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