Hiedo Ho,
As part of B&R we want to use RMAN to backup to disk and then to tape. We do this so that we maintain recent backps on disk in the event we nee to recover fast.

Anyway, we're on win 2k using an EMC SAN on DELL. The Windooze admins
have created a 250GB LUN through the array that I have assigned a drive letter to so that windows sees a 250gb drive. The LUN is composed of 36GB physical drives.

Now, our rman backups end up being 2 backup peices of 20gb each. Problem is, 1 in 5 times the backup fails with the ol' 'no space left on device' error event though there is clearly lots of space on the LUN. Could this be a problem where in RMAN begins to write the backup peice, writes part of the backup peice and then fails
because there is no more space left on the actual physical device it is writing to? The admin says that this config will allow large files
to spanned over several physical devices however the error I am seeing seems to indicate otherwise.

Any thoughts?