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    User Import in Oracle 9i


    I have two databases, Oracle 8.0.4 on Tru64Unix and oracle on Linux 8.0. I have a full export of oracle 8 DB and want to import only three users with object in to 9i Database.

    Can I use full export dump of Oracle 8 DB or i have to first take user level export of 8.0.4 DB and then use fromuser, touser parameters ?

    What other precautions i have to take before doing this operation ?

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    you can use any one of those methods. The only advantage with full DB export will be that you have the option to import other users too if you later want to. And any way you need to do fromuser touser in both cases if you are importing only users.


    1. Create the tablespaces to which those users belong.
    2. Create users. (This only in case you do userlevel import, for full db import this is not required)

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    You can use the FULL.DMP. Always take more than is needed, this way you will have it if the original request changes.

    You can do any level import from a full dump since you have everything in there. There should be no problem going from an 8 export to 9i import. The opposite would not work.

    You will need to code...

    FROMUSER= Mr.Hanky, adweri, Yo_Momma!, Yo_Papa!
    TOUSER= Mr.Hanky, adweri, Yo_Momma!, Yo_Papa!

    in your import.par file. Make sure the order is the same in fromuser/touser.

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    Thanks......Amar, MH

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