Oracle 8.16, Windows 2000.

I know I should mirror my control files. Can someone please explain to me how to proceed with this process or are the control files mirrored automatically? If they are mirrored automatically where are the mirrored images located. I've attached a snippet of my init file.
control_files =("D:\Oracle8i\oradata\PROD\control01.ctl", "D:\Oracle8i\oradata\PROD\
control02.ctl", "D:\Oracle8i\oradata\PROD\control03.ctl")

Also, it appears that my control files are all located on the same disk. I believe I should copy these files and move them to another disk. Am I correct in my assumption?

I have read the 8i admin guide section concerning Managing Control Files, and I've looked at the O'Reilly Oracle Database Administration book. I can't find any specific information concerning the mirroring of the control files.

Thanks in advance