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    Updating Master Site from Materialized View Sites

    Hi All!
    This is a n interesting scenrio,

    I have a Master Site and a Updatable Materialized View Site.
    I m posting trasaction on the Uptable Materialized View Site. But i dont want to the push the transactions from here to the Master Site.
    To do that i executed the procedure DBMS_DEFER_SYS.SET_DISABLED TO true. But now i want Master Site to PULL the updates from the Updatable Materialized View Site.
    The scenerio is a bit complex but an interesting one..
    What i have to implement at the Master Site to get the Updates from the Updatable Materialized View Site.



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    Not so intresting... though, make the table at your so called "Updatable Materialized View Site" as the master table and make the slave table at the Master site. Simple wasn't that.

    That way your Master Site can act as Materialized View Site for your Updatable Materialized View Site for that particular table.

    You can have a Master Site (which can be also a Materialized View Site) and a Updatable materialized view site (which can also be a Master Site)

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