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Thread: CLOB data appearing too large

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    CLOB data appearing too large


    I have a table containging a CLOB column,

    when I do as select off the DBA_SEGMENTS view it shows that this table is using up over 3gig worth of space. - but there is only a hundred or so rows in it.
    When I use the DBMS_LOBS.getlength package it tells me that on average my data per row is about 730Kb.

    I know 730Kb is right cause we take data out of this table use it in an web application for users to view over the Internet and there are 1 row for each user about 100. (Data is compressed XML)
    there is no way this app would have worked if the data was really 3 gig - cause you cant download that over the web in reasonable time.

    Are there any bugs in Oracle 8.1.7 with LOBS that could cause this or do i have any storage parameters wrong.
    Or is this simply normal??



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    Show us your lob & table storage parameters.
    Best wishes!

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