TEMP tablespace is 99% full...
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Thread: TEMP tablespace is 99% full...

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    TEMP tablespace is 99% full...


    We are on W2K with 8i.

    We have a TEMP tablespace defined as 'Temporary'. Size 5 GB.

    Today I see it is about 99% used. I belive some one ran a huge query. Now my question after the temp tablespace is used by the oracle for sorting, and the work is completed, does it not return the space back ? If not, how do we get back the unused space (inactive space).. I don't know what word should I use here for this space. Or How do I free the space ?

    If someone wants to run a similar query/report will they get an error just becaue it is already 99% used or this new query would make use of the already filled but inactive tablespace(99%) ?

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