Hi, guys,

We are facing up to a problem in creating table from remote database with db-link. We want to create a table by a "create as select statement" from a view in the remote database through a db-link, like,

create table xxx
tablespace shared
(initial 50m next 50m pctincrease 0)
(select * from xxx@db-link);

however we frequently receive error message that "unable to extend the temp segment". everytime, dba has to extend tablespace to fix it. is there any other way we can resolve this problem. for example, could the above sql statement be tuned to avoid this problem. some one said it is better if we split the above up into 2 parts, with
(1) create an empty table
(2) then, insert data into the created empty table,

Is it true that by doing this can solve the problem? any reasoning behind this?
You solution/suggestion/comments will be highly appreciated.