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Thread: archived logs on RAC

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    archived logs on RAC


    Using RAC on Win 2K (Oracle 9.2) with OCFS. Question is - can I have as my archive destination one of the OCFS disks since all nodes in the cluster can see the OCFS? What is the best destination for archived logs?

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    most of the stuff I have seen on this says yes you can do it, i have seen the odd metalink doc that says no however, something about oracle needing to cross mount the arc log in the event that recovery is needed.

    I myself just have datafiles, redo and control files on ocfs, I got the admin to allocate a portion of the san for ntfs.

    I create arch logs on each local file system with copies of them
    on the ntfs portion of the san. The ntfs portion is *attached* to a specific node and can be accessed by other nodes to NT file sharing.

    I'm stmontgo and I approve of this message

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