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Thread: oracle management server

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    oracle management server

    i have installed management server on my oracle server machine .
    when i pass the command ' oemctl start oms ' it gives me an error:

    the service name is invalid.

    i checked in the services of the machine,no service exists with the name oracle901_homemanagement server. (service name given as per manual)

    i have oracle9i release 1 enterprise edition server installed and
    os is windows 2000 server

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    It seems that you have not installed the management server...

    Take the installation CD and start the OUI and choose the management server option from the installation menu.

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    This clearly shows that u are trying start service which is not present.Since your OS is Windows what is the need to go to command prompt to start the service.Go to services and see what are the oracle services are started if not try to start all the related services.If not show all the related services here.

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    i have installed the management server through the cd.
    the services that are started as shown in the services is:

    Service Status
    OracleOraHome90Agent started
    OracleOraHome90HTTPServer started
    OracleOraHome90TNSListener started
    OracleServiceORACLE9i started( database service)

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    If OMS is installed then what about its service?.Whi is not there in the services u mentioned.Do the following.
    Go to Oracle Enterprise Manager Configuration Asst.Create a new repository.In 9i it will ask u whether u want to use the existing database as a repository or u want to create a seperate database(it will be a samll database).Choose as per your convinience.once u create the repository successfully u will see OMS service in your service option.Refresh the Agent and start the OMS service.

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    thank u for your help
    it worked perfectly. the service is shown now in the services page.
    thank u once again

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