Hi All,
We have a 500GB Oracle database on HP-UX 11
currently it's on EMC disk array with RAID 1 mirroring (single controller)
In a few weeks we plan to move to a SAN device with RAID 5 (probably 3 controllers)
During/after this period I plan to reorg my tablespaces and datafiles to practice what is thought to be a better design in DBASupport.com community.
This system was migrated from legacy and has seen times of earlier versions of Orcale 7.x and 8.0; currently it's on 8.1.7
Currently some of the tablespaces are as big as 90GB (tables underneath are upto 20GB)
Most of the datafiles are 2GB (because large files option was not set on unix) so in all there are about 250 datafiles.

My questions to you -

- should I try to set the tablespace size to a smaller number?
- should I expand datafiles to 5GB or even more? the new system has an array of 7GB disks

- Rajeev

ps. most tablespaces are LMT