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    Question about table designing

    First of all , I'd apologize all friend for my delay to answer them about their responds , because some healthy conditions ..

    I'd thank all friends who have helped me (alapps , akhadar , bkiran , ggnanaraj , pando , stecal ) , and tell them that I can now startup two database on the same server at the same time , by setting up the oracle_sid system variable , and I'wanna evaluate all replies from .

    And I'd like to ask another question , about :

    -We have a new Oracle project , includes a ( Personality ) Table , which will be a in the future a huge table , and we are discussing ( about tables like that , and the accounting tables which have a big count of rows ) about when we want to specify the data upon the year ( or another column like city or country , for more enhancement to the performance by decreasing the count of selected row in each coming query ) let us say that we need to make the Personality table specified by year , we are thinking in three ways :

    First , on every end of every year , we have to build a new schema and execute the script of this table in it and let the user connect with a new accounting year , and when he wants to work with the data of last year ( or years ) , he has to choose ( connect with xxxx year ) option , and so on ..

    Second , I'm thinking in Partitioning this tables , with rang based on the year column

    Or , staying with on huge table , working with sample views .

    So now , I wanna ask your opinions about which way we see it more practical to project will give to customers , and will hand over to users , will criticize by screaming any slow down status in work

    Thanks Very Much

    Tarek Al'Kaddoumi ...

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    I would recomand you to range partition your table on a monthly base.

    I dont think that the 2 other options make any sense.


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